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Judicial Accounting for Estates, Trusts, and Guardianships

Court Accounting for Estates, Trusts, and Guardianships

Trustees and executors are often accused of mishandling accounts. Accepting a role of trustee or executor comes with responsibilities, ethical obligations, and a significant amount of risk. Even the most well-intentioned trustee or executor can be subjected to scrutiny by beneficiaries, regulators and courts. It is in the best interest of trustees and executors to take proactive measures to protect themselves against potential lawsuits and other liabilities since they have a fiduciary responsibility. One of the most effective ways of accomplishing this is through annual trust and estate accountings. Our accounting services for estates, trusts, and guardianships are provided in the presribed form that is provided by respective courts. These accountings contain assets on hand, and transactions over a period of time which include income, expenses, purchases, sales and so on. These accountings can then be reviewed by beneficiaries and ultimately filed with respective states courts, if necessary. These accountings are designed to give the beneficiaries a clear picture of the acitivities and are presented in accordance with the Uniform Principal and Income Act (UPIA), as modified by certain states and jurisdictions.

Our Accounting Services for Estates, Trusts, and Guardianships include:

  • Gathering all relevant financial documents
  • Analyzing accounting details
  • Formatting reports according to the probate code and adhering to any local laws
  • Communicating regulary to keep all involved parties on the same page

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